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19 janv. 2021 - 25 janv. 2021

The 7 Day Self Awareness Challenge

  • 7jours
  • 16étapes
Les participants ayant complété toutes les étapes recevront un badge à la fin du programme.

À propos

The Self Awareness Challenge is about paying attention to how you are feeling for seven days! Keeping a daily journal is a powerful habit for anyone looking to understand themselves and kindle a spark in their lives that may be dwindling or as a way to release stress. This week we want you to give this challenge a try! (7) Day Self Awareness Challenge: #Step 1: Each day there is a new task! Complete it and AYME will be notified about your progress 😉 if you miss one, you will disqualified but we encourage you to keep up the self discipline and discovery ❤️ #Step 2: All Challenge participants will receive a new challenge verification badge and gift from AYME upon completion.

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AYME Members : Mix & Mingle 👓✨

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