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Mid Summer Dreams

Heating things up! 

July is here! We are excited to share all of our new features with you. Join us in the discovery of some of amazing people!

Cover Shot By

Steven G Photography



Meet Model Terra Lynn in this issue! Residing in Kansas City, Mo, originally from a small town called Warrensburg, Mo. 

photo by

Dress: @79roze

Photographer: @stevengphotography

Makeup: Crae Wells

Healing Stones with Crystal


Well here we are July already, firmly entrenched in summertime enjoying the heat, living our best lives...but let’s be real, those vacations, pedicures, and ice cream cones aren’t paying for themselves right?  That’s why this month’s stone picks are all about getting powerful healing at an affordable price!

Model Magic

Originally from the Lower East Side of Manhattan located in New York City, not too far from the East River Drive. Meet Model Edward Tapia in this issue!!

photo by

Brent Judge -

(B & E Studios LLC) 



Travel Destination is back and is brand new! This issue we welcome a new Writer to our team! Meet Word Girl 222 and read about her travels in the world!


Stilts Shoes

You Are What You Wear, Wear Stilts Shoes!

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