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Your Crown

Featuring Copricapo Designs.  This month meet Self Taught Headdress Designer Angela Maycon

Talent Is A Voice

By Faith Duruaku

Faith Duruaku is back and she brought friends! Join us as we get a closer look into Fashion, Music, & Art in West Africa! This month read stories of various Artist & Models living out their dreams across the World! 

Fashion Forward

It starts with your shoes...

This month we switch gears and focus on footwear! Most of us are obsessed with a good shoe, boot, or sneaker! Meet Christopher Williams, CEO & Founder of STILTS! Read his story in this months issue. 

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Healing Stones With Crystal

By Crystal Hamlin

This Summer is here and its time to shake off the Fall/Winter/Spring seasons and prepare for some great experiences and adventures in the Sun! 



AYME'S Table is back and is kicking off the Summer with Watermelon! 

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