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This month celebrate the power and history of Women. Also get a sneak peek of 'MOMLAND' a film project coming soon, written by Jessica Barrett Denison.

Take a Quick Look Inside .....

Healing Stones With Crystal

This month Crystal brings us the Moonstone, that is a stone of intuition, of calming emotions, gaining empathy, and is known for encouraging lucid dreaming, and the Garnet Stone   which is said to be conductors of past life memories, as well as promoting compassion for not only ourselves, but the world around us, and if there is anything the world needs right now besides fiery passion, it is fiery compassion.  


Mountain Sommelier

The wine industry has historically been male dominated; from grape growing, to winemaking, to being a master sommelier, and even to this day only 10% of California winemakers have a woman as their lead winemaker.  But not to worry, slowly but surely many incredible women have been making their mark on the wine world in the last couple of hundred years, and I am here to tell you about just a few of them.  


Opinion: Are Diamonds, still A Girl's Bestfriend?

Diamonds are still very popular, but Women in todays world are very different from their baby boomer counterparts. Sparking new traditions and identifying their relationships and love for their partners with a variety of standards.


Travel Destination

My goals of travelling didn’t start overnight, it took 2 years before I even got to hop a plane- Where i ended up spending not 1 month, but 22 months abroad. Now imagine, if I had given up on year one..I would never have known that in year two, I would be seeing things and doing stuff I only dreamed about. 



A delivery mix-up started the $3.5 billion Delmarva poultry industry. Each year, Cecile Steele of Ocean View ordered 50 chicks from a Dagsboro hatchery owned by Vernon Steen to restock her small laying flock.



A film project By Jessica Barrett Denison

This photographic series began when I started creating characters for my upcoming film project, “Momland.” A female driven comedy that examines the roles of “motherhood” under a magnifying glass glass. Before I started fleshing out scenes, I wanted to explore these character’s privacy in glimpses. What do mother’s do when their children and spouses aren’t home? To find updates on “Momland”  visit @yayaybarrettdenison or

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